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Meet Austen Tosone #TeelYesPowerWoman



Austen Tosone is one of Teel Yes’s Power Women, and deservingly so! Growing up with a love of print media and journalism, Austen shares her story of how she overcame the changes in print magazines and her journey into freelancing, where she brings her unique voice into the new age of digital media. Passionate, eloquent, and entrepreneurial, Austen shares her unique yet relatable perspective in her blog, Keep Calm and Chiffon.


What is the story behind Keep Calm and Chiffon?

My plan was always to be a magazine editor, and I interned everywhere I could think of from Marie Claire to New York Magazine and ultimately went on to work as an editor at Nylon and Interview. Sadly, both Nylon and Interview folded, and it was a difficult time, trying to adjust to the change that print media was undergoing. Job searching became difficult, and while I was looking for jobs, I started freelance writing for different publications and focusing on my blog Keep Calm and Chiffon, which I had started back in the summer of 2012 as a creative outlet. I can’t believe my blog is about to turn seven! Since then, my blog has grown from a diary of my style to an extension of myself, where I share my thoughts on fashion, beauty, travel. career, and lifestyle. Becoming a freelancer is definitely fulfilling; you have more autonomy with the assignments you choose to take on and it’s great being able to contribute to so many different publications.


What is your favorite thing about fashion and what inspires your style?

I love how fashion is so versatile. I love the creativity of the editorial side of fashion, and then I also love the real relatable parts of fashion. My main goal when getting dressed is being comfortable but polished. Footwear is a big part, especially living a busy freelance lifestyle— being ready to run to a meeting or attend a press preview at a moment’s notice. I like having core basics that I can rely on and mixing in a few trendy things along the way. There’s always something classic going on, and lately my go-to combination has been a pastel blazer styled with jeans and a t-shirt.


What is your favorite Teel Yes piece?

I love the rings; I think they are really cool and unique. The Milky Way Ring is beautiful and I love the gem stone Azura Rings. I’ve been loving the trend with the imperfect. freshwater pearls. It’s not your typical polished pearl, and I think it’s more relatable.


Austen Tosoen

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What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?

Honestly, my work! I swear, I woke up this morning and I had an idea for a YouTube video and I had to get up right away. I love the way my work is— since I work on so many diverse projects from copywriting to creating branded content for brands, there are so many things for me to get excited about! My alarm goes off at 7:30am each day and I’m ready to jump into work.


What challenges and goals do you see yourself overcoming next?

I want to provide guidance and make information about the freelancing world more available to aspiring freelancers, so that they don’t struggle when trying to figure out the industry.


Describe yourself in 3 words.

Passionate, driven, and independent


I recently launched my first e-book Right on Pitch, a complete guide to pitching brands, publications and more. Readers can learn more here.



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