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Teel Yes


Experience the romantic allure of discovering exotic contemporary brands from all over the world at the click of a mouse.



Choose the trends, shop your favorites, take control.

Teel Yes creates the unique opportunity to directly connect fresh and inventive jewelry designers with the ultimate fashion experts, the customer, during essential stages of production where YOU decide what’s hot and what’s not.






Let your customers show you the way.

"The first step of building a successful tech business is finding the right product / market fit, which starts with companies meeting early adopters to gauge interest and gather product feedback", explains Teel Yes co-founder, Ruiwan Xu, "We want to help fashion designers adopt a similar mindset and allow them to test new designs before they make bulk inventory orders."






Teel Yes is a NYC based fashion company which directly connects the hottest contemporary jewelry designers with their target customers while building a harmonious relationship benefiting both ends of the spectrum. With affordable price points and collections hand-picked by our team of seasoned fashion veterans, style-savvy shoppers will never have to worry about browsing through the dull and uninspired- just the most coveted trends and hidden gems.






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