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Teel Yes Makes Discovering
New Brands Fun Again!


Be the one in control of the next big trend. 



Teel Yes is changing the way rising contemporary jewelry designers predict the latest up-and-coming trends by letting the customers choose what’s hot and what’s not. Established in the heart of New York City, Teel Yes was created to bridge the gap between style savvy customers and the brands they’ll love during the increasingly crucial trend-developing stage of design. 

At Teel Yes, designers are able to debut their latest collections in limited quantities giving the power to decide which pieces should be mass produced to the customer.

“The first step of building a successful tech business is finding the right product/market fit, which starts with companies meeting early adopters to gauge interest and gather product feedback”, explains Teel Yes cofounder and former Product Marketing Manager for Amazon, Ruiwan Xu, “We want to help fashion designers adopt a similar mindset and allow them to test new designs before they make bulk inventory orders.”

Our team of seasoned fashion experts hand-pick each brand featured on with the aim of appealing to a diverse mix of personalities from the simple and chic to the groundbreaking and unique including:

Yvmin / Mob Legend / Mila Marin1064Studio / Love Me Monster / Yumberry Studio / Alesia Zeta x Teel Yes 


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